A PAYG Cloud Based Call Centre

A PAYG Cloud Based Call Centre A PAYG Cloud Based Call Centre A PAYG Cloud Based Call Centre

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Cloud Based Call Centre Solutions for todays world

We provide PAYG multi-channel cloud Call Centre solution, suiting temporary needs, more permanent requirements or as seamless overflow to your existing solution. Our solution scales automatically in proportion to your business demand, with no human intervention needed. Provided as a turn-key Managed Service.

Inbuilt AI and Sentiment Analysis with natural language chat bots provides your customers with a personalised and seamless channel handover.

A solution that can be Built in hours. Torn down in minutes. Scaling to demand in seconds. No contract lock-ins - no upfront payments.

We'll help you optimise your business and streamline workforce activity using AWS Connect as our foundation. We look after your operations for you, releasing you to focus on your day-to-day business.

Outside of our call centre solutions, KykIT has extensive experience in building and scaling any other business critical applications in the Cloud - everything we do has low cost benefits, no upfront payments and no lock-in contracts.

Our Multi-Channel Call Centre solution is cloud based, uses Amazon Connect, extremely simple to deploy with point and click call flow management and PAYG costs - nothing upfront.


Our Experience

A partner with AWS, KykIT comes with 10 years of AWS knowledge and call centre solutions. Our speciality is AWS Connect - a cloud based solution that provides a click and deploy approach. 

Call management becomes drag and drop, with no IT development. Our multi-channel solution leverages AI to improve First Call Resolution. Deployments are automated with zero downtime and no customer impact. Natural Language Bots and Sentiment Analysis simplify your customer experience and personalise flows. And our Insights provide out of the box or customisable dashboards for Real Time Analytics and decision making.

Our Solution

Our multi-channel Call Centre implementation will allow you to build new contact centres in hours, scaling capacity in and out automatically according to varying demand. 

KykIT's solution enables contextual personalisation, with seamless channel handover of customer information, reducing AHT & enhancing TNPS. We offer a unique approach with no up-front payments or long term contracts. 

It is a highly scalable cloud-based solution. We can manage it as a service for you, with innovative pay-by-the-minute usage fees.

As simple as that.

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