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We provide a turn-key approach to help identify gaps and opportunities for a cloud call centre. Our solution brings:

- Simple and automated deployments

- Pay as you Go

- Multi Channel (Voice, SMS, IVR, Email, Chatbot, Self Serve, Voicemail)

- Personalised and seamless channel handover

- Inherently Reliable and Scalable

- Straight forward integration

- Inbuilt AI and Sentiment Analysis

- Proven globally, used by Amazon and a growing number of Australian businesses

We provide AI & natural language automation with inbuilt chatbots. We offer a suite of enterprise connectors such as CTI/CRM to ease Call Centre Agent usage of the service. We also bring user experience design and usability, customisable Insights dashboards and workforce optimisation.

In addition to turn-key Call Centre solutions, KykIT bring:

  1. Digital, Innovation, New Thinking, Lean Start-up mindset
  2. 10 years AWS experience across Small, Medium & Large customers for Call Centre technology
  3. AWS Cloud Solutions for integration, Storage, Security, workload migration
  4. Cost management support for your AWS Workloads
  5. Workload monitoring and operationalisation
  6. Agile delivery methodology, behaviour transformation and coaching

Our knowledge of the intra-business opportunities for all business sizes, expertise in AWS and our ability to keep track of the rapid AWS roadmap and how the technologies can be applied to your business, represents a knowledge bank that we want to share with you.

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We treat all engagements as a partnership. KykIT's process is designed  to lift your team and empower with the tools needed to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth.

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